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Hi! This is Whit, the owner/farmer of Birdeye Farm, and now the head of Bird's Eye Garden Consulting. I want to help YOU grow the best garden you can with my multiple years of experience growing fruits and veggies using only organic methods of growing. Check out below to see the services we provide!

1. Garden designs (in-ground or raised bed) + complete garden budget that includes everything (tools, fertilizers, etc...) that you will need to get started and a resource page with where to find them. 

2. We'll help you figure out any and all of your gardening problems, whether its soil fertility issues, pest problems, or anything in between.

3. *Optional - We'll provide all the labor to put your garden in and even get it planted with its first succession of veggies!

4. I'll answer any of your garden-related questions for free, even months after the project (but not your garden!) is wrapped up.

Cost of services -

For consulting services -  $25 / hour 

To put your garden in for you - $20 / person / hour (gets done faster with more people!)

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