We are excited to launch our new salad box subscription service in the spring of 2021. A salad box is a weekly box of your pick of alternating varieties of salad greens, and roots. 


We will be offering two different sizes of salad boxes. A small box will be $8 and the large will be $16. At the start of each month, clients will pay for the month’s worth of salad boxes. If a client chooses to skip a week, they can use the leftover credit for extra produce in any of the remaining salad boxes for the season. If there are any leftover credits at the end of the season, they will not be refunded. Salad boxes can be picked up at the Wynne downtown farmer's market. We will also deliver within Wynne City limits for a small fee of $2. 


2021 Salad Box Subscription Form
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Thank you for submitting! We will contact you next spring when your box is ready!