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A Birdeye farm CSA is so much more than a regular CSA. Besides being an affordable way to get farm-fresh veggies and fruits delivered right to your front door, YOU get to pick what you want every week, so it's not us but you deciding what's on your palate week to week; unlike so many other CSA's. Starting the last saturday of October and ending 5 weeks later in November, every week you will get your choice of the veggies and fruits available that week. This could be sweetest bunch of beets, the tenderest of baby spinach, or the crunchiest bunch of carrots plus so much more (we grow over 13 different types of veggies and fruits!). Starting at $10 for a small box and $20 for a large box, you will get to pick up to 5 different fruits and veggies per week.  Pricing is $100 for a large and $50 for a small. If your gonna be out of town for a weekend, no worries! You can cancel a CSA box for one week, but because we don't do refunds (unless you let us know at the start of the season, then no problem!), you can then use that either to add on extra veggies to your CSA any week after that until the end of the season, or keep it as credit for use in the Birdeye Farm online store whenever we have products available there. The full CSA season will comprise of 5 weeks. 


What We Grow :

Arugula, Lettuce Mix, Salad Mix, Baby Spinach, Spring Mix, Carrots, Salad Turnips, Radishes, Beets, Green Onions, Kale, Collards, Head Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce.

Pricing : 

(November - 5 weeks total) - $100 (large) / $50 (small)

Sample CSA (large box) : Lettuce Mix (1/2 ibs), Baby Spinach (1/2 ibs), Carrots, salad turnips, heirloom tomatoes, kale.

Notice - This form below just tells us to contact you whenever it gets close to CSA season (mid October), to start processing payments and get ready for a great veggie growing season! By filling it out your helping us plan for how much we need to grow (crop planning season starts soon!), so thanks!

Fall 2021 CSA Subscription Form
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